About this blog

First: A commonplace book

A commonplace book, or locus communis, has been used for centuries by writers who wish to pin down their thoughts while they are still fresh and wriggling. Such books were also a wunderkammer of others’ ideas and should the book be left open in a place much too common, you might find snippets of wit and wisdom on all sorts of common subjects.  The commonplace book, then, established a community of sorts comprised of the living and the dead.  In the commonplace, these voices would come together for a common purpose.

Second: A common place

The common place is also a shared space for all – commoner or no.  Such a shared space allows for a variety of individuals to come together in fellowship.  A common-cyber-place should be no different, so feel free to join the discussion(s) with comments.

Third: An uncommon place

Now it is in no way necessary that the common place is common in the sense of being ordinary or quotidian; rather, each place (whether real or virtual) possesses a degree of un-commonality bestowed upon it by the individual who chooses therein to dwell – even if it is only for a brief while.

So, it is my hope that as you stop at this place, common ideas might be made strange, and strange ideas made common, and you would take what you would and leave the rest, and go on to other places (including your own) to see them again for the first time.



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